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Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima & Behati Prinsloo | Victoria's Secret Swim April 2012

Candice, Alessandra, Edita, Michaela & Lily | Victoria’s Secret Swim 2012

Candice Swanepoel & Erin Heatherton | Victoria’s Secret January 2012

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Miranda, Adriana, Candice, Erin, Doutz

VS 2011 Fashion Show in 6 Segments

Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima’s Black Lace & Red Lips

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Adriana Lima | Victoria’s Secret Angel in Venice Perhaps?

Alessandra Ambrosio | Gavin Bond | GQ Germany February 2011

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Candice Swanepoel | Beach Bunny Swimwear | Cruise 2011

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley | Greg Williams | Spreading Love, Love, Love

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Eva Herzigova | Vincent Peters | GQ Italy Aug 2008

Woman | Nicole Trunfio | Matthew Frost | 'Wet, Wet, Wet' | Jalouse Jan 2009

Woman | Diora Baird | Stephen Wurth | GQ Italia Feb 2011

Lidia Kochetkova & Olesya Yarokhina | David Hamilton | Soon International #13

Gisele, Adriana, Ana | Timeless Beauties | Victoria's Secret Back Stage

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Adriana Lima | Vincent Peters | Vogue Italia February 2011

X-posted in Anne of Carversville Private Studio

Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima and ace photographer Vincent Peters always make sensual magic together. In the February 2011 edition of Vogue Italia Adriana inspires as a sultry club singer, wearing lingerie-inspired designs from Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Eres.

How do Brazilian, Italian, French and other women of the world stay slim and sexy?

Here Adriana Lima and Anne agree. "Never wear granny panties," says Adriana.

Anne touched the relationship between sexy lingerie, a woman's attitudes about sex and obesity in yesterday's Sensually Yours Keira Knightley & Madame Figaro | French Women Love Lingerie | Mark Abrahams.

Adriana also advises people to "Kiss a lot. It's all about giving love to your friends and family. So Kiss a lot, love a lot and hug a lot. . . . Give some love."

Besides consuming a teaspoon of honey every day, lots of exercise and following strict portion control, Adriana Lima leaves wiggle room in her diet for "chocolate, chocolate, chocolate." Read compelling health research about why dark chocolate in moderation is good for you in and out of the bedroom -- every day.

Now on with the Adriana Lima, Vincent Peters Vogue Italia February 2011 sensuality show.


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GQ UK V. Sexy Candice, Lindsay, Lily, Erin | Vincent Peters | February 2011

X-posted Anne of Carversville Private Studio The images are rolling, just in time for February's international celebration of love and lovelies.

One of our absolute favorite photographers Vincent Peters brings his trademark black and white mix to British GQ's V.Sexy Candice Swanepoel, Lindsay Ellingson, Lily Aldridge, and Erin Heatherton.

Surely more images coming.


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AOC Repost| GQ Spain Denies Irina Shayk Claims | Says Negatives Exist

Irina Shayk Sues GQ for Photoshopping Her Naked Anne of Carversville

Private Studio | GQ Spain has completely denied the allegations of model Irina Shayk that the publication altered her images to present her as naked, when she was not.

Translated from the just-in press release, GQ Spain claims the following:

1. Model Irina Shayk, at the suggestion of the renowned German photographer Vincent Peters, agreed to sit naked for GQ Spain, in several of the photos negotiated as part of the December 2010 editorial.

2. During the photoshoot, Irina Shayk's agency of representation, Elite Spain, was present, in the person of its director Gael Marie. The photo shoot took place on September 23, in the locality of Madrid of Rummy, in front of 15 witnesses.

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Blogging Ethics Of Omitting X-Rated Images In Style Editorials

Bloggers should not curate images within editorials, without posting a disclaimer that the images are incomplete and deliberately edited.

When I saw our post of the Mario Testino | Candice Swanepoel editorial yesterday morning, I was confused. Not uploaded were two nude images of Swanepoel we had already posted, and I discussed in relation to the Victoria's Secret strategy. Did I make a mistake?

We thank for filling in the images from the Mario Testino VMAN editorial and want to say that for these editorials to be meaningful as a business and cultural tool, all the photos should be in the set posted on a website.

And now there are two more -- so four total -- images that weren't included in the editorial repost that I sourced and trusted. Just for the record, I would NEVER knowingly not post all the images in an editorial. Period. And I know I can choose not to use this source of images.

This little surprise comes the morning after GQ Spain curates Irina Shayk's clothes off via airbrushing, in a Vincent Peter's editorial.

Honestly, I'm more concerned about the 'remakers' of reality than I am the originals who produce the work.

We're becoming a group of Rush Limbaugh bloggers and digital artists. Do what's necessary for eyeballs and don't worry about ethics.

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Irina Shayk Sues GQ Spain for Photoshopping Her Clothes Away

X-posted on Anne of Carversville| It had to happen eventually . . . some retouchers and marketing execs think nothing of swapping heads off torsos, regularly recreating women according to their own preferences. But Photoshopping away a woman's clothes? Making her naked, when she wasn't.

This is a new Photoshop low if model Irina Shayk's allegations against GQ Spain, and not photographer Vincent Peters who took the original images, are true. Read on: Irina Shayk Sues GQ for Photoshopping Her Naked.

More Irina Shayk:

Irina Shayk Sues GQ Spain for Using Photoshop to Undress Her Clothes Away

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